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Palm Springs Resort Homes is your source for exceptional vacation rentals in Palm Springs.

We offer our guests the ability to stay in the area’s finest estates, historic homes and condominiums whether it be for three nights or two months. Our homes host everyone from the bride and groom, to the explorer looking for the ultimate desert holiday, to the executive who is tired of the experience of living in a hotel, to someone trying to find a new home. We’re proud to be of service. 

Reserve a property now or call 760-260-8080 to get started. Have a question or do you need to find a property close to a specific location, give us a call and we will gladly assist you!


Why Palm Springs Resort Homes

Come experience Palm Springs like a local. While hotels offer certain standards — clean linens, a bed, a TV, towels, soap, and standard furnishings — what we offer is unique. No two properties are the same. While we offer all the amenities of a hotel, we also offer privacy and convenience of a local home. There's no need to navigate homeowner communications as we take care of all that. With Palm Springs Resort Homes, what you see is what you get. No hassles and no worries. When you book one of our exceptional properties, it's yours to allow you to make amazing memories!

Exceptional Properties

You’ll find yourself in some of Palm Springs' most engaging city neighborhoods or private estates with amazing valley views. We at Palm Springs Resort Homes are very selective of the properties we choose to manage so that we can surpass your expectations. We choose our properties based on location, design, and details.  We offer you a home in our hometown.

Party like you mean it at TheBank Palm Springs!

TheBank Palm Springs is the perfect backdrop to your next event.

We have the canvas.  Paint your vision!

Built in 1955 as Coachella Valley Savings and Loan, TheBank is Palm Springs' newest and most unique event venue.   Dive in and see what you can dream.

TheBank's interior space allows you to carry on with the fun well past the greater Palm Springs required end time of 10:00 PM. We are the perfect space for you to party-on well past curfew!